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Weingart Library in Urban Village

City Heights Life/La Vida is a free monthly publication focusing on issues affecting City Heights residents.  A print version will be distributed through schools, community clinics and other high-traffic areas throughout City Heights and an electronic version will be available on this website.

Life is funded by Price Philanthropies (formerly Price Family Charitable Fund) with the mission of informing, uplifting, and unifying its readers. Much of the content will be provided by people who live and work in the community.

The editorial team is committed to providing articles that keep you informed on a variety of topics: health and human services, education, public safety, business, access to the political process, and community events.

Life welcomes unsolicited news articles, story ideas, photographs of community events, and calendar listings. Please email your submissions to the editorial team at editor@cityheightslife.com.

City Heights Life does not endorse or take contributions from political or religious organizations, nor does it accept advertising or take editorial positions.

We hope you enjoy City Heights Life. We would love to get your feedback. Together, let’s make City Heights a better place to live, work, and play.

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