Cooking at the YMCA

Healthy cooking classes provide tasty lessons for local community at the Y.

Healthy cooking classes provide tasty lessons for local community at the Y.

The new Copley-Price Family YMCA in City Heights is really cooking now.

The Y’s state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen for hands-on cooking classes is allowing youths and adults to learn about nutrition and healthy cooking in a welcoming and educational environment. The diverse menu of courses focuses on nutrition and implementing a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the classes focus on preparing meals as a family, while others highlight the ethnic diversity of Mid-City, including a “Taste of Africa” led by the United Women of East Africa Support Team and UC San Diego’s Center for Community Health.

“I always enjoy the cooking classes and am glad to have such a resource,” said longtime Copley-Price Family YMCA member Kathy Williams.

Other courses include Friday Night Family Cooking and Monday Healthy Lunches. Adults and youths build confidence together as they chop, measure, taste and clean up after crafting their creations. By participating in food preparation, participants also learn to follow recipes and understand the nuances of nutritional information labels. Finally, by exploring cuisine from other countries, they’ll not only develop a more diverse palate, but also an appreciation for other cultures.

After-school enrichment classes will be offered in October, along with free family Friday nutrition courses.

“The YMCA offers all of its classes at affordable and accessible levels, and offers additional financial assistance for families and individuals in need,” said volunteer chef Chelsea Carpenter. “Everybody should know how to enjoy truly tasty meals rooted in healthy nutrition.”

Classes range from $5 to $30, depending on the complexity of the menu and ingredients. All classes are led by local volunteers, many of whom have graduated culinary school. Some operate their own restaurant or nutritional business.

For cooking and nutritional class information, visit, or contact Andrew Holets at or (619) 280-9622.