Education Briefs

Vaccination records needed for school

The San Diego Unified School District is reminding parents and guardians that California law requires all students going into seventh grade be immunized with a pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine booster called Tdap. This includes current students, new students and transfer students in both public and private schools.

Schools must receive proof of a child’s Tdap booster before the student can attend class in the fall, unless they have a documented exemption.

Children who received a DTP, DTap or Tdap shot on or after their seventh birthday meet the Tdap booster requirement and do not need another shot. Parents and guardians can simply provide their child’s school with a copy of the updated shot record.

City Heights teacher selected for top program

Eighteen San Diego Unified instructors, including one from Horace Mann Middle School, have been selected to take part in a prestigious master teacher program sponsored by UC San Diego.

The program will focus on science, technology, engineering and math.

The teachers are: Anna Weaver at Mann Middle School; Theodore Meckstroth, Bell Middle School; Julie Garcia, Innovation Middle School; Patricia Huntington, Farb Middle School; Erica Heinzman and Maitrayee Sahi, Kearny High School of International Business; Olivia Allison, Lewis Middle School; Caroline Morse at Montgomery Middle School; Joseph Hyun at Morse High School; Lori Pina, Shelley Rannikko and Kimberly Frank, Standley Middle School; Margaret Atkisson and Maureen Quessenberry at University City High School.

Teachers from two district charter schools also have been selected. They are: Julia Gordon and Jade Mohr from High Tech High, and Shea Phillips and Alexandra Martinez at The Preuss School UCSD.

This professional development program is sponsored by the UCSD’s Department of Education Studies and the Division of Physical Sciences. Supported through a $3.2 million grant from the Robert Noyce Foundation and the National Science Foundation, the program will support 42 teachers from across the county for five years of professional development.

Master teacher fellows will receive salary supplements of $10,000 per year, iPad tablets for mobile computing, up to six graduate units for summer institutes, up to eight graduate units for online courses, and classroom mini-grants to support change and growth within their own classrooms.

The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers.

There’s an app for that

San Diego Unified is wrapping up a project to buy nearly 26,000 iPads for 340 classrooms before the end of the year.

The electronic tablets should be ready for fifth- and eighth-grade classes by next fall. The project is expected to cost the district more than $15 million and will be funded through a 2008 bond measure.

The district began putting the iPads in classrooms last month. Teachers will go through a one-day training session on how to use the electronic tablets.

Each iPad cost the district about $370. They retail for $399.

Lockheed-Martin helping out at Mann Middle

Students at Mann Middle School are tackling engineering with the help of an $11,500 grant from Lockheed-Martin.

Jose Lara teaches Mann’s Gateway to Technology class, a course that involves lessons in science, technology, engineering and math.

The grant will be used to help buy parts that students need to build small robots, structures and other items created by the kids’ imagination.

“Horace Mann and Lockheed Martin partnered together in 2009,” said Lara. “Aside from the financial contribution, our partnership has included countless site visits by Lockheed Martin Engineers and various forms of support within the classroom.”