Cancer Club inspires a greater dream

Dr. Scott Lippman, Director of the Moores UC San Diego Cancer Center (far left) and teacher Brenda Taylor (far right) pose with students from Rosa Parks Elementary

When Pamela Werner, executive director of development for the Moores Cancer Center, heard about the efforts of Rosa Parks fifth graders to raise money for cancer research, she asked if the students would be willing to share their story to inspire others to donate to the same cause.

In May, the Moores Cancer Center brought nine Rosa Parks students to the Harbor Island Sheraton Hotel to an annual fundraising event. After showing a video of a cancer survivor’s road to recovery, the Rosa Parks students walked onto the stage and presented an oversized check for $6,600 to the Moores Cancer Center director.

The pitch to the audience was, “if these children with access to limited resources can raise $6,600, how much can you do?” said Werner.

The pitch worked; the event raised almost $140,000 that evening. “That’s an incredible number,” Werner said. “We wouldn’t have raised the money without those kids.”

Even more impressive than the amount raised is the lesson we can learn from the Rosa Parks students’ commitment, Werner said. “They are the example of how something small can result in an outcome so much larger than you ever dreamed possible.”

That dream is still alive as Rosa Parks is hosting a Jog-A-Thon on June 20 to continue their fundraising efforts.