Education Briefs

Applications Being Accepted for PrimeTime Program

The San Diego Unified’s before- and after-school program, PrimeTime, is accepting applications for the 2012-13 school year through May 4.

Parents and guardians must fill out applications for all students intending to take part next year, even those currently registered in the program. PrimeTime (formerly known as the “6 to 6” program) provides elementary and middle school students with activities and learning during the hours that most parents and guardians are working.

PrimeTime is offered at 132 schools and serves more than 20,000 students. Applications will be sent home with children and can be downloaded from the District’s website. To be included in the initial review and enrollment process, applications must be sent via U.S. mail to the PrimeTime partner providing services at the child’s school, postmarked on or before May 6.

For more information regarding PrimeTime, contact the district’s Extended Learning Opportunities Department at 858-627-7562.

Students in JROTC Urged to Aim for SDSU Camp

Applications are being accepted for a camp accommodating 50 JROTC students this summer at San Diego State University.

Students, who will be part of the College of Engineering’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) camp, will be looking at engineering, biomedical, robotics and nursing education at the university level.

Course projects include the understanding of how the circulatory system functions, making a heart pump, creating a rocket-powered car, attempting to fly an airplane through the use of flight simulators, exploring the use of solar panels, and more.

The program is funded by the Army’s JROTC Cadet Command and includes room and board at SDSU dormitories, a campus tour and other activities that give them a taste of campus life.

Students at Hoover High School in City Heights are among those eligible. Nominations must be submitted by April 17. Criteria for selection includes cadet eligibility, a GPA of 3.25 or higher, and a B average in science and math. Students must be enrolled in the JROTC program during the 2012-13 school year.

For more information, contact David Guzman at, or call 858 496-8203.

Parents Invited to Join Anti-Bullying Effort at Schools.

San Diego Unified is looking for parents or guardians to serve on the Safe Schools Advisory Group, a group that consults with officials on making sure students are free from bullying, harassment and intimidation while on campus, on school buses or at school events.

Those interested in becoming involved in the Curriculum Development Subgroup that will help develop curriculum to prevent bullying should contact Matt Hayes at 619-725-7138.

Those interested in joining the Communications Subgroup that will develop sharing information strategies with the community should contact Sandra Salom or Bernie Rhinerson at 619-725-5504.

Those interested in joining the Staff Training Subgroup to help develop bullying prevention programs and strategies should contact Marge Klenismmith-Hilderbrand at 619-725-7123.

Those interested in serving on the Student/Parent Involvement Subgroup that works with parent and student groups to promote anti-bullying on campus should contact Agin Shaheed at 858-490-8691.

Those interested in serving on the Community Resources Subgroup that works with members of the community involved with youth-oriented organizations should contact Delores Jacobs at 619-692-2077, ext. 103.

Free Book Teaches the Ins and Outs About Food

Just how does food get from the farm to your table?

A new book for kids is now available that helps kids understand where their food is grown and how local farms can help them be healthier.

Created in collaboration with San Diego Unified School District’s Food Services Department, Farm to Table Adventure is aimed at teaching children the basics about the food they eat, as well as building a strong case for why local foods keep children healthy and strong, according to Vanessa Zajfen, San Diego Unified’s Farm to School Specialist.

The book is aimed at fourth and fifth graders. The project was funded by The Network for a Healthy California’s Power Play! Campaign.

The books are free and can be requested by emailing Steve Kempster at Further information can be obtained by contacting Vanessa Zajfen at