CHW Opening New Retail Location in City Heights

CHW’s new retail location is on Fairmount and University Avenues

Community HousingWorks has opened an office in City Heights Square that offers an array of assistance for people looking for a new home or struggling to remain in one they now have.

The center offers real estate brokerage services, home loans, down payment assistance, home-buying classes and financial coaching.

Community Housing Works – also known as CHW – is a 30-year-old nonprofit, HUD-approved, housing counseling agency that can help with anything from avoiding foreclosure, learning how to repair or establish credit, and offering guidance on finding an appropriate a home. The organization is large and complex, its mission is simple: Helping people and neighborhoods move up in the world, through housing and supportive programs.

CHW Realty can help buy or sell a home anywhere in the region.  As the only nonprofit Realty in San Diego County, CHW’s Realtors do not work on commission, so buyers  can be confident the firm has your best interests in mind.  CHW Lending provides home loan and down payment assistance programs that help underserved communities such as City Heights realize the dream of homeownership.  By providing a variety of loans, in partnership with local government, FHA lenders, and others, CHW Lending makes homeownership possible for working families.

In addition to the realty and lending programs, CHW Classes & Coaching offers clients HUD-approved financial courses and one-on-one counseling.  Financial Fitness helps residents create workable and actionable financial goals, improve credit, and deal with creditors – while boosting savings and decreasing debt.  The Home Buyer Class provides the steps and information a person needs to navigate the home buying process, and possibly find reduced rates.  And once a buyer has secured a new home, the nonprofit’s HUD-approved financial coaches can continue working with you to achieve your financial goals.

The one-stop center also continues the organization’s commitment to struggling homeowners, and can provide the kind of certified counseling that has achieved more loan modifications than any other organization in San Diego County. Counselors not only guide homeowners through the hurdles of the modification process, but provide a thorough household financial analysis and a detailed explanation of California’s foreclosure regulations.

The new center will be open Monday through Friday beginning on April 9th.  Certain services, such as financial and home buying classes, will also be available on Saturdays, with Realtors and Lenders available by appointment at the clients request and desire.

The center is on Fairmont Avenue in City Heights Square.  Free parking will be available within the City Heights Square building. For further information, call (619) 282-6647.

Krista Culhane is the public relations and marketing manager for Community HousingWorks.